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Initial Consultation

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Personalized Nutrition & Lifestyle Assessment

At our first consultation, we uncover the pieces to create a comprehensive and personalized nutrition strategy for you, utilizing several assessments and diagnostics tools to get to the root cause of why you may not be feeling like the best you. Rather than looking at your symptoms as isolated items, our approach is to get to know you from a diet, lifestyle, health journey, and nutrient/toxicity/sensitivity perspective. As we build our relationship in this meeting, we will discuss observations and nutritional concepts.


We also partner with your primary care team to enhance your medical outcomes via therapeutic diets and lifestyle modifications.


This Functional Nutrition approach helps your body build a  solid foundation that has been proven to improve the quality of life, prevent certain diseases, and help effectively manage current ones.

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Step 1: Nutritional Assessments - A B C D

  • A - anthropometric measurements such as height, weight, hip to waist ratio, blood pressure

  • B - biochemical parameters such as nutrients, metabolic markers, toxicity, CBC blood panel

  • C  - clinical evaluation, including an assessment of functional, social and mental status, medical history, and physical examination

  • D - dietary history, including supplements use and diet adequacy

Body Characteristics
Nutritional Assesment
Medical History
Nutrient, Metabloic, Toxicity, Microbiome
Goals & Preferences
Lifestyle Factors

Step 2: Personalized intervention plan, including lifestyle factors

  • Create an intervention plan with attainable short-term goals

  • Remove allergens, pathogens, and food sensitivities

  • Encourage dietary pattern removing food sensitivities and promoting sustainable healthy eating utilizing whole foods

  • Address nutrient deficiencies (co-factors to metabolic processes)

  • Enhance exercise, movement and sense of community

  • Brainstorm and create stress reduction and sleep enhancement goals


Intervention plans make sustainable change easier

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