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Grocery Shopping Tour / Label Reading

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Grocery Shopping Tour /
Label Reading

I want you to feel confident in your choices at the grocery store and understand all those numbers on the nutrition labels. The Grocery Shopping Tour / Label Reading service is a hands-on session where I take you through what a healthy grocery shopping trip looks like. I educate you on how to make healthy food choices for your specific needs.  Aisle by aisle we will focus on discussing which foods are better choices and how to incorporate them into your diet. We will also review how to read food labels and evaluate products. Along the way, I will introduce new ingredients, review healthy snacking, and answer your questions.

Highlights of this service include:

  • Full grocery store walkthrough

  • How to compare products to determine your best choices

  • Read food labels

  • Review which foods are best to help you reach your needs/goals

  • How to eat healthily on your budget

  • Our personal recommendations

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